100% Palestinian Olive Oil Soap

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100% of profit from soap sales will be donated to Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) and Go Project Hope! 

Each bar is roughly 130grams.  Ingredients: olive oil , pure water, glycerin and sodium compound. Great for sensitive skin since it is from any artificial colors, preservatives and animal fat. 


Palestine is said to be the birthplace of Olive Oil with some of the world's oldest olive trees, some as old as 5,000 years old. Al-Jamal Soap was established in 1880, making it one of the oldest soap factories in the West Bank. Like Castile soap, the chief ingredients are virgin olive oil, water, and an alkaline sodium compound. The compound is made by mixing the powdered ashes of the barilla plant, which grows along the banks of the River Jordan. The production of soap in Al-Jamal can be traced back to ancient times. Archaeological evidence suggests that soap-making in the region may have started as early as the 10th century.