Vintage Kilim Handbag - Tan Leather

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These handbags were crafted from vintage Turkish kilims approximately 50-60 years old.  Skilled craftsmen in Instanbul, Turkey gave them new life as one of a kind handbags made from high quality 100% genuine leather. 

The kilim used to make this handbag comes from the Sivas province of the eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. 

70% wool 30 % leather. 18x9x19 cm. Strap is 57 cm long. Weight 319 grams


Since the 13th century high quality Turkish carpets have been woven in certain Anatolian districts and then became popular across Europe since then. 

Every pattern that is woven into a carpet is a picture of a feeling, a desire or a wish. Hand made rugs are generally called after the region or town where they are manufactured.

Turkish rugs are divided in three categories which depends on the technique:

  • carpets are knotted
  • kilims are weaved
  • sumaks and cicims are embroidered

In the past, kilims were woven by nomadic tribes to make utility objects for their tents such as curtains, floor carpets, cradles, donkey bags, etc. Now they are produced in the villages with the traditional methods for the decoration of contemporary houses.