Wayuu Mochila Handbag - Lg Parrot

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These handbags were handwoven by indigenous people in Northern Columbia. 

Acrylic 30cm x 25cm. Entire strap is 106 cm long. 



Wayuu mochila bags are regarded for their bright colors and intricate designs. They are handmade by the women of the Wayuu Tribe in the Guajira Peninsula of Colombia. With a population of around 150,000, this region has the highest concentration of indigenous people in all of Colombia. 
Each bag is made by only one weaver, and typically takes around 20-25 days to complete. Due to this, the tribe women form a bond with their creations. Mochila patterns are characterized by the complex geometrical shapes and motifs, the more complex the design is, the higher the value. The Wayuu women are proud to make these bags and see it as a reflection of them. They have described inspiration to come from practical life, dreams, nature scenes or paintings. 
The bags are made using a crochet technique starting with a circular pattern that will become the bottom of the bag. They then work their way up the sides of the bag continuously using a large bowl to help maintain the shape as they work. 
Their craft is becoming a dying art. You can contribute to them and own a piece of functional art today!